Abby Bird: Short Sleeve

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White short sleeve t-shirt by Abby Bird.

Screen-printed long sleeve t-shirt designed by close friend of the Melodic Distraction family, Abby Bird. Designer for the Refreshments show, Abby’s playful style mimics real life situations in a playful way adopting ideas behind cartoons to bring her ideas to life.

Abby’s design aim was to capture the importance Melodic Distraction has (especially in these unprecedented times) in keeping people connected and a part of one picture. I wanted to capture that sense of community and included the slogan ‘Together Wherever’. The illustration depicts the various situations and scenarios people find themselves in listening or contributing to the station.

As well as capturing her consistent illustrative style that you’ve seen before with the Refreshments branding and the Melodic x Refreshments collab, the inspiration comes from 70s graphics – think funk n soul posters and classic wave shapes which have also informed the colour choices. The signature waveform ties in with the nature of one station.